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Heritage walks are a wonderful way of sensitizing youngsters to the tangible and intangible heritage of a city like Kolkata. An early morning walk around the Dalhousie Square area in the heart of Kolkata will reveal a forgotten fountain, that could easily have been a symbol of the city, a cast iron dustbin that is as robust as it was 100 years ago and the edifices where Lord Clive and Warren Hastings have lived and worked. Slightly up north, the milieu is laced with the aroma of attar and the skyline is dotted with the minarets of Nakhoda Masjid. Further north, the Bengali Babu culture takes over and the walker can stroll into the palaces of zamindars with ornate pillars and a central courtyard. Walks through Lanes and Times is the first person narration of a student who has taken some of these walks and has been enriched by them.

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